Massive Winter Sale 2011

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Most everyone is excited when comes to winter sale season, particularly me ^^. Although I got an expensive one as Christmas gift from my hubby, I still can't miss this special rarely event *as it comes only twice a year!

I and my hubby has been going around two days in the town to look some stuffs. I have been reminded by him not to go crazy though ^^, and I must proudly announce it to you that I haven't bought anything for myself - I mean not yet ^^.

Apart of Stephen Green shopping centre, we have visited the main shopping centre in Henry street area. And here are our tracks for two days shopping ^^.


Our first plan was went to this shopping centre, Arnotts, one of the main shopping centre in Dublin. Many stuffs in Arnotts are quite cost, therefore sale season is the best choice for those who like good stuff with good price, just like me ^^.

My hubby went to look for his stuff I.e. shoes, suit, etc. I myself try to not to go crazy, so I tried to be good by company him.

Arnotts have winter sale offer starting from 20%-70% off. We didn't really went around - I went to look for parfume Dior but there was no sale for the parfume I wanted. They have sale for Dior parfume in a small package though.

The hand bags area offer good sale too, I visited the Guess, they have some bags with bargain price, but none I like, but I love the new arrivals, the cute pink color ^^ - unfortunately I can't have one :(.

Arnotts has three floors, but we just went around on the ground floor. My hubby got bored very quickly when shopping, and believe or not I do too sometimes.

As I didn't really find interesting ones so far and neither my hubby so we left Arnotts after less than an hour in the ground floor.

We decided to continue checking the following day - we off to Asian Market instead, bought my things ^^.

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