Proud To Be A Volunteer: The Cheaster Beatty Library And The Lovely People

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I have registered again for another volunteering activity. This time is helping refugee in Ireland. I was actually thinking to continue teaching computer but then I change my mind as it maybe better if I just take one volunteer activity once a week - especially in December, the weather is not very supportive to go anywhere ^^.

As like other organisation, all volunteers mus be interviewed first. The office is located in city centre so good spot for me to come (about 20 minutes walking from train station). The people in the office organisation are also very friendly and welcome. They explain about the organisation, what they do.

JRS (Jesuit Refugee Service) organisation is an international Catholic non-governmental organisation. Their main task is helping refugee in Ireland. The office isn't really big as I thought, simple with a small nice garden front of the office.

My first purpose was for teaching European Computer Driving License, but they have someone already to teach in the class. They offer me another program instead. The program (that I'm currently doing now) is to accompany the refugee visiting a place around Dublin.

First Week Trip

We met in spy ware (I call it the Dublin Monas) at 2 pm. There were some people already come. My coordinator was there too. She introduced me to all of them. Some of them were refugee and the rest were volunteer, too, like me.

We walked off to the Cheaster Beatty Library where  located very near to Dublin Castle. Although I live in Ireland quite long but that was first time I visited the place (and it actually very close to my college!). On the way off to the library, I had a chat with an African guy who also volunteer in JRS. As well as studying he do volunteer activity to keep himself busy.

The freezing weather wasn't really bad at all as there was a bit sunny. When we arrived in Library we waited for approximately 15 minutes. A tour guide was walking us to first place where Cheaster Beatty had his collection books.

First time entering this library I could feel the art ancient atmosphere straight away. A big gown from the king of Japan (I can't remember what century it was) was hanging near to the entrance. Most of Cheaster Beatty collections were from different country i.e. Europe, East Europe, Arab and Asia. I saw a collection of Koran complete with its history Islam.

One of amongs stuffs that amazed me was the display window of The Koran that was given by Cheaster Beatty's wife on his birthday. When I told this to my hubby, he himself commented: "Was his wife Muslim?" - well, actually she's not. That was made me interesting.

The guide tour led us to the second place, this time was full of religious images, they're all story about christian, Islam, Budha and Hindu. 

Being around these ancient stuffs make me want to go back to my elementary history subject - that the one I wasn't never really interested in: I can't understand why when we're getting older we start to get interested in something? Is that because the guilt of being lazy to learn when younger? lol.

After went around to two very interesting places for about one and half hours, we went to a coffee cafe where located just at ground floor library near to reception.

We had chat for about a half hour and then finishing the meeting with a photographed at the front of Library. I was very happy surrounded by lovely people. Next Tuesday the trip will be more interesting and nicer :).

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