Two Facebook Accounts?

Sunday, December 11, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Today, having Facebook account is so crucial, and to be honest I don't why. But mostly people I meet they will come up with a question: "Do you have Facebook?". 

Everywhere and anywhere you go you will see the F symbol means for Facebook, and they normally go with ads saying: find us on Facebook

When I see my friend's Facebook with more than a thousand of friends, I become wonder: Does she really know all those people? Well,  actually she doesn't really know them all. 

However, many people don't like being friends on Facebook who they don't really know - and I'm one of those people. I need to know the person very well to be my friend on Facebook. 

As I'm quite diligent in blogging activity so willy-nilly that I must accept unknown people on my Facebook *which the thing that my hubby dislike of having Facebook and often asking: "Why does he/she add me as a friend? we don't really know each other?" - and this kinda influence me a lot the way he chose close friends.

When he said he doesn't really know each other - it means they know each other by names, and have met before, even chatting, even co-workers, but according to him the meaning of know each other is both people really know each other very well at least for many years.

So that will be very different to you or other people by know each other means. 

Although it isn't necessary thing to do, however, if you have a blog and want your voice is known by many people in the world then this is necessary. 

So therefore I came with the idea to have another account for my Facebook; the other one is for my online friends, my blog followers, etc.

Surely I don't put many photos or details information on the second Facebook. So having two Facebook accounts is not because that I'm kinda a Facebook mania - it's for safety and satisfaction. 

Although it's for my blog purposes I still set it for privacy so people can't search my second Facebook and still select only the good people :). 

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