Women In Psychosis (3): Provoke

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We know most women are insane, and sadly, no scientists can know why. Here is another case of women who are inspired to write it on my Blog. I try not to judge these women,  even though it's too difficult to just observing without unconsciously interfering a judgement: Don't you think all human beings like that? - like to judge other?

Anne Case 

Anne was a woman in her middle age. I've known this woman since the past of four years. She likes make everything so complicated - enjoying so much talking about other people business, especially if she dislike them, she can be a very bad judge.

She dislike if her opinion is unsupported by people around her - she can stand stubbornly on her own opinion. I want to be a good friend her (trust me, I try) so I try to fix her, but unfortunately she has very strong negative attitudes that unable me to stay longer beside her.

I shouldn't  be so bother about her attitude, but the other thing she has provoke attitude that could influence people. She can make up a story about people who she dislike very much - like aggravate the personal existence of other people. 

She can change her attitude from like to dislike with someone and the opposite depending what she up to with the person. For example, she praised a woman who was once very close to her, one day they break up their friendship (with no reason), she suddenly change her attitude  one hundreds degree toward this woman. When I ask what's wrong with her, she replied that she's not capable for being her friends.

And she starts to provoke other people by saying bad things about this woman. Even worst, she would dislike anyone who close with her!

After studying her behaviour and  attitude I realise that she has a personality problem. 

I haven't contacted her for ages - well, I actually avoid her as it won't be good for me. I know I study Psychology and it should be a good case for me to study her; however, that might not be a good idea and unfair to her if I do that as I really want to be a good friend.

Till I write this, her behaviour and attitude still unchanged. 

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