3 Common Technical Problems on iPad2

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Phuiff, new device isn't always a good thing particularly when facing with technical problems. For the past of three weeks since I bought this device I got some problems already on my new iPad. Usually, this always happens to new user, even sometimes happens to old user as well.

Luckily, the iPad user guide is very handy to solve some technical problems, but... some people just don't like reading textbook *just like me - so sometimes its not really helping.

However, you might meet a disaster that can make your iPad problems worst if you take instructions from unknown sources. It happens to many iPad users and.... almost to me as well. So ensure (even you dislike to read textbook) to look at it only on Apple site.

My problems on iPad are very common problems that usually happens to many iPad users. Here are the three common technical problems on iPad (remember to read the iPad user guide to know whats wrong with your iPad):


I've been trying to connect the Bluetooth from my iPad to my notebook for hour and hour, in aimed to transfer files, but it got me mad as I still didn't find the solution! I read the iPad user guide for a while but didn't really follow the instructions, until finally I failed looking information on another sources. I then, willy-nilly, forced myself to read the iPad user guide.

And its just simply... Bluetooth on iPad is not for transferring files!

Its built to connect your iPad with other devices i.e. keyboard, headphone. First problem is solved now.

Syncing iTunes with computer

Like the first problem, I had no idea what I must do to sync iTunes with my computer. Again, didn't read the iPad user guide carefully, so I surfed on another sources instead. Well, I went to forum discussion on Apple website, but too many people gave different ideas (so a bit dangerous if you follow one of the instructions as different problems would need different solving).

And if I'm not mistaken, I don't think on the iPad user guide tells you about installing the iTunes before syncing your computer to iPad. This is what some iPad users don't really know. When I read a discussion on the forum discussion on Apple website, some users who have problem with syncing don't know about the install.

She thought that she only need the iTunes installed on the system (on iPad).

So, if you have problem with syncing iPad to your computer, then you need remember: Have your iTunes installed on your computer? 

Go to website apple, click iTunes and see the latest version. Follow the instructions - it might take a bit longer. Ensure both your devices are plugged.

Cannot connect to iTunes

This is the most common technical problem on iPad user. When I Google cannot connect to iTunes, dozens websites come out about the issue. I aground on a website where iPad users have the problem with caanot connect to iTunes, and again many of them give different answers.

That's not the worst thing yet. Some people who follow the answer have found their data iPad destroy from their iPad... and I was one of them.

Luckily, not all the data has been erased from my iPad - just one application. Lesson one: be very careful taking advice from strangers.

Here are the typical answers that most people give:

1. Go to Apps store, sign out and then sign in again: I did this but didn't work.
2. Resetting the network. Go to General, resetting, resetting network: Still didn't work.
3. Disabled restriction. General, disabled restriction, enter four passcode: I forgot the password, so I left it for  moment. Ten times fail entering the password will erase all your data from iPad.
4. Restore. You need to connect to your computer to restore your iPad. Go to the iPad user guide for the detail how to do it. It will take approximately an hour to restore: it worked a while for me, but then the problem appears again.

Until last night, I was able to connect the iTunes again. Whether server iTunes busy or it just sometimes problem with the iTunes - however, the problem is solved now with unknown reason.

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