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How many do you find people who claim themselves as expertise?  I guess too many! This is not a new story anymore for us, beside corrupts problem, this is another unsolved phenomena in Indonesia 

A couple of weeks ago I had a discussion in a mailing list regarding to counselling. The person who sent the email was claiming himself as a master on its field. Moreover, he was brave enough to invite people in counselling. 

He gave his detail profile and particularly his master in which he got the master as counsellor in less than 7 months training in the subject area. Most ridiculously was the college/institute/ award him with a master counselor certificate . 

He was very good at responding to the people’s problems, and I could see his ability through his writing. Somehow, I responded his posting, curious about his knowledge as perchance he was alluding my study areas i.e. Psychology and Psychoanalysis. 

I know about his subject as I have studied it as well. His posting bothered me with a thought: "How could he help the patients?"

He has a very enthusiast and positive words: and this what he got from studying the subject. So he's kindly telling people a philosophy "We can do it!" for every type of problems.

Good attitude indeed. But, where is the qualification?

This is what still on going in Indonesia, and I deeply concern to what happens to grassroots in picking up an expert is totally wrong.

In other country such as Europe and America, they cannot give a counselling to people unless they are indispensible expert in its field. And to be expert they need to be in its field at least 10-15 years. Yet they need to be awarded by field its society. In other words being expert means full of knowledge in its field and able to prove that he/she legally as expert.

It’s enormously mournful to see people throng to tell their problems and they don’t even know the background qualification of the person - they likely just want to be listened.

More pathetically sometimes they irresponsive about this; it seems to me expert according to them is someone that can persuade them. 

Neither the counsellor nor the grassroots seems that both are pretending to be the expert and the other to be patient. 

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