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This will be my new discussion that I'm gonna add on my label blog. As I'm a new user and sometimes having trouble when using this device - so this kinda give me idea to discuss on my blog.

If you're iPad user, you might not take my writing for your solution technical problems, go to legal website Apple instead. For more information about how to use iPad please go to iPad user guide.

Apple offers different GB capacity on the new iPad, and supported with or without 3G as well as Wi-Fi. I would prefer to take iPad that has 3G. Depending on what capacity you like to carry, the one with 3G in 16GB would cost €629 (Rp 7,5 millions), and without 3G €499 (Rp 6 millions).

Considering the price isn't really much different, iPad with 3G would probably better. Its also very handy with 3G as you don't need worry looking for Internet connection if you need direction from map application.

Alright, now I want to share how to setting up your new iPad - it just takes 15 minutes to set up and its very easy!

First thing first, always read any information about the product. Ensure you follow all the instructions before you turn on/use your iPad. Too early mistake can be fatal for your expensive device ^^.  Before I take the device out of its box, I was first looking for catalogue about the product.

It doesn't require the device need to be charged first (usually some notebook, phone, laptop are required to be charged for at least four hours before using it). So I carefully took the device out of its box and turned on my new iPad ^^.

Slide (with different Languages)

The turn on button located in on top of  the iPad. Press the turn on button for few second, and once you turn on the iPad it will appear an instruction Slide (I didn't realize that I had to slide it so I waited for an hour ^^).

The iPad support many languages so you can chose your native language to set up your iPad profile.


You will be asked for network setting. Add your network and entered the password if it's required.

Choosing Application for storing/backup

I chose iCloud to back up and store my files and media. You can ignore this by choosing the existence backup or store, like iTunes for example (I can't really remember ^^).

Setting up Apple ID

All iPad users will be asked to have Apple ID. This is  will be used if you want to download any applications from apps store or some purposes.

If  your new iPad has completed set up then next step is just enjoying all features that Apple offers on your iPad ^^.

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