I Love iTunes!

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My iPad ^_^

I really love iTunes. I think iTunes is  the most favourite application software for iPad users. No wondering when I visit a forum discussion many of Apple users discussing this application.

I have mentioned on my previous posting about problems with iTunes. Just to remind us again, if you got a problem syncing iTunes from your iPad to computer: make sure you have installed iTunes on your computer - some people don't just realise this.

Covered with my favourite colour ^^
I chose interesting or most recommend apps from iPad. Till today I have more than 15 apps installed on my iPad.

One of the best apps Apple has offered to iPad users is iTunes 12 days. This apps gives good free apps from 26th December 2011-6th January 2012. Wow! I can't away from iPad to check the offers.

Here are some apps that are installed on my iPad and given for free from iTunes:

  1. Cold Play (music video)
  2. NFS Shift2 (game)
  3. Lady Gaga (music video)
Another things what I love from iTunes is the iTunes U. iTunes U is a special application made to store your favourites subjects. You can even look for them on your favourite university - iTunes have many favourite universities around the world offer for those who enjoy studying!

Until today I have installed more than five books from different well-known universities in the world, and here the top five of my iTunes U book lists:

  1. Conversation on Writing by writing studio
  2. How I write by Nancy Packer
  3. Philosophy for beginners by Marianne Talbot 
  4. PSYC 213: Abnormal Psychology by David Bailey
  5. The Story of Psychology by Todd Daniel
iTunes U encourage me to read more my favourite subject *Psychology - I will definitely won't miss any apps offer from iTunes U!
I love Apple even more ^__^.

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