"Indonesia Suka Korupsi, eh?"

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I received an email from a friend of mine about a week ago. The title of his email was easy to guess by me as he usually sends some emails in concern to Indonesia. This time he sent it in titled “Embarrassing”, and it’s obvious to guess, which means it something embarrasses in regard to Indonesia.

And I am telling you it is embarrassing article to read as he himself is not Indonesian, thus I felt embarrass to myself as an Indonesian citizen, particularly the marked it the email with title “Embarrassing”. 

I understood of the title he gave means to be “how could this happen?” The email was taken from BBC that informing some of corrupts stories in Indonesia. 

The first story informing a man who strived to get his driver licenses, however he found it that he would not get it unless he give money to the police. According to article, he nicely asked to the police to give him the test forms, then again none of those police give the test forms.

The next story that informed by BBC is familiar with the former story which it was about corrupt in government. If you are now living abroad and reading those embarrassing articles, what would you feel or think? You might be embarrass, argue it, or not care at all perhaps?

You probably smile at this article while you reading this as you may already know that it’s not a new story, right? Corrupt can occur in anywhere and with anybody, and it’s not just in Indonesia. 

If you tell me this for argument, I will agree with you, but what bother me is Indonesia is already well-known as one of the largest corrupt in the world.

The story of the guy above and other stories that I cannot write down all of those stories on this blog, they all encourage me to write mine. Please be mind, all what I want from informing this is presently sharing to perhaps we all can learn from these embarrasses stories. We all in the same boat so-called Indonesia.

It was in 2007, I drove a friend of mine to Soekarno’s airport, which was originally from Australia. In the same day we went to Immigration Office in South Jakarta for her overstay visa. She paid for four days overstay which was actually she just had overstay only two days. Wondering she had to pay 4 days, she asked me curiously: “Why do I have to pay four days?” 

I myself honestly had no clue why she had to pay four days in fine instead of two days. When I asked this to the immigration officers (I still remember their name), they said it just in case if she could not go on time. 

They knew already that she would go on the same day as she showed off her ticket to them, however in uncomprehending in this matter she paid the four days fine in total 80 dollars. 

After she paid 80 dollars she got a kind of letter in an envelope that informed her overstay payments. Soon after I drove her to airport and waited her until she was off.

Two days later she sent me email informing what had happened in the boarding pass. She said that she had been asked by an immigration officer in airport for some money in terms of her overstay. Although she had already showed prove of the visa payment, he stubbornly asked money. 

As she didn’t want to miss the flight, undoubtedly she gave straight away her left rupiah from her wallet. As soon as I finished reading it I called the immigration office in regard to my friend incident. It was absolutely peeve me off, and certainly for her.

At the end of her email, she said jokingly in bahasa: “Indonesia suka korupsi, eh?”

I know, you know, we all know.

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