25 January 2012

Indonesian Jokes Aren't Funny

Two days ago, a friend sent me a text, telling me that she met a woman who looks similar to me. She also added: "Maybe because I miss your jokes. The only different from you and the woman is just the nose"....and she ended the text with joke.com.

To be honest, I don't see the jokes in her text - instead, I was thinking: "What is she trying to joke about?"

Anyway, that's not the only experience I had with Indonesian jokes. Every so often I find their jokes are over-jokes. 

So what happened next if the jokes out-fix?  it could become offended, right?

The thing is many Indonesian people don't really know how to joke. Here is one of recent black humour from Indonesia.

I have no idea what inside the maker of this 'black-ads'. How can you make a joke from the very tragic accident which just happened not even 24 hours yet?!

People are indeed mentally ill when they think they can make a joke in the name of other people tragic life!

DBLN, 16.15-250112

"I have nothing to declare except my genius"

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