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"Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbours, and let each new year find you a better man.  ~Benjamin Franklin~

I don't actually make a plan to have new year resolution, but it come to my mind when I coincidentally put a status on Facebook, and buddy of mine alluded about new year resolution.  As many people have one so it kinda influence me to make one too, so I then set it on my note iPad to have one.

I honestly don't do them all - well, I do the first do-resolution of list on the first, I think, two or three months, but then got bored very easily. I don't know how to keep going, or at least to keep it a bit longer - and I'm not sure if there people can do the new year resolution till the end.

However, I want to share ones of my new year resolution 2012 on my blog:

Slimmer and healthier

photo source: Hyatt
I feel like not exercising at all like two years ago, so I put go to gym often on first list of my new year resolution. Since I do diet my weight reduce 4 kg. 

I'm happy enough but still not reaching to my goal. I try to do it slowly as I have been missing a healthy life for the two years. 

When I talk about slimmer, I don't mean getting slimming in the cons way *taking short cut to get slimmer - so don't go crazy when you see a slimming woman on the ads: be realistic instead of taking risks.

I did that once before when my weight shockingly raised to 5 kg - the heaviest weight I ever have is 54 kg, but I felt the side effects straight after taking slimming pill, in fact that according to its script description the contains ingredient is made from herbal. Since then I try to be more careful about it.  I avoid any slimming pills product! 

Healthier Mind

photo source: Ejlelie
What happens in Ireland today is very distressing life. News tells about the fall of government, and sounds hopeless. 

I can say to have healthier mind in Ireland like right now is not easy thing to reach. But we like it or don't, we must face it. So I must consider my mental health into serious issue as otherwise my brain won't work in healthy way.

My first plan to have reach good and health mind is try to relax *I put too much pressure on myself sometimes about a thing - even just listen to a new, especially about bad news.

Secondly, I avoid negative people. But off course, I still be nice with them. Negative people have very strong influence even though they don't voluntarily spread their negativity, but even so just think of them make you crazy, so better no contact with them.

More active in Society  

 photo source: MyPhilan
I don't like to excuse myself why I've been so passive in a community. I love being active, taking part in the community activity or organisation, but....

Here I am, in country with individual life style. Western country has different style, in everything, home. I try... I always try, but somehow just a bit hard to keep positive.

Anyway, I won't surrender with the situation or dozens excuses - I must keep going.

Keep Blogging and Writing

Photo source: Thomas
Writing is a good way for me to express a thing, and I thing for many people too. I've been disabled comment on this blog due to some reasons, but this year, 2012, I will open it again.

I'm not such an expert in literature, but I enjoy writing very much. Not a crazy books reader, too - but enjoy reading books. 

Someone said if you want to be good writer then try to be good reader. 

I have more than three blogs, and I very rarely visit other people's blog. So this beginning of year I try to visit them so I can learn different styles of writings.

I hope I can do the four list of my new year resolution *and I'm not sure if I have more than that. For now, I think better if I just have little plan or few so I can see if I can do them all.

Happy new year 2012.

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