Online Best Friend? Why Not!

Monday, January 23, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

Before I met her, I didn't believe about true friendship from internet. I mean, if in real life true and good people are hardly to find,  how can we trust somebody from internet?

Our acquaintanceship began from blogging, and then chatting through YM. After few times chatting - we feel we're blend for each other.

Finally, we decided to meet in person few years ago - since then we become good friends (aren't we, Tu?)

In real, I'm not really a friendly person. I'm fussy about many things, therefore I only have few friends. But most of these few friends know my characters very well so I feel comfortable to say anything and even act such a kid.

She got me to show the way I am. I like the way she 'threat' me.

Today, I realize how good she is to me. I hope she will be my best online buddy forever.

DBLN, 22.50-220112

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