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A story tint a republic every second. It's inspired me to write about it as I'm part of its citizen. Off course I'm (still) so proud to be part of it ; born with the genetic exotics Asian looks; easy to find all the healthiest food (the thing I love most) etc. I’m just so lucky.

Drama Java Ketoprak (
However, these fortuitously can only be seen by out side people *expats, when they visit my lovely republic or those people in the world who like watching news. 

Those who look at my exotic beauty would say: " Oh you're so beautiful, how lucky you are to be born there".  We are indeed very lucky. 

However, I have (always) something to discuss about: the beauty of its islands, the delicious of its foods and the unfinished story of its corrupts. My republic is unique. 

Sometimes I have a light thought share with a bit heavy subject with Tukang becak or tukang sayur - don't think they don't have ability to think critically, their hard experience life led them to see things from deeper and wiser perspectives than us who are more educated and have better life. 

And I’m the luckier citizen than those people want to think more critically than them (and if I something about it).

Drama, Food, Republic and Ketoprak

real Ketoprak
I remember when I was a child my mom often brought me to a java show theater called 'ketoprak'. 

What we loved from watching ketoprak was its quaintness, and all the actors and actress played so well on their roles. 

We usually went together with the neighbors, and every each episode was always busy and crowded. 

One thing I remember about ketoprak is they always represent the bad and the good people in each episode. I really miss watching ketoprak.

Somehow I think watching ketoprak is just as interesting as watching a story of my beloved republic. Sometimes it makes me laugh, cry, angry as hell.... and make me mad, too.  The only different is the story in ketoprak Java isn't real, and my republic is real, but both give the same reactions to me.

Just exactly like when I eat my favorite food, ketoprak. I dislike eating garlic although I know garlic has very good benefits for my health, but I hate the smell. Ketoprak has a very strong garlic taste and smell, that whats somehow make the taste of ketoprak nice and very tempting, and I could eat two portions of ketoprak. Mad, eh?

Yeah, just like I'm mad with this republic.

We know that the biggest predicament is corruption. Fortunately people commence to be taught of what has been happening in Indonesia i.e. corrupt, bureaucracy, etc. It is indeed would be a hard work for everyone as the predicament long standing since some decades, and the problems may not be solved in just a short time working. 

We assuredly appreciate for those who caring away a society to fight the corruption. Their activities certainly influence other civil to speak out and courageous to take an action against corruption in the republic . 

If this society genuinely wishes for the changes of either in problem such as corruption or in changing law - however, I have such a thought that the main problem is not in the new law or new people in legislative, the problem is the people's attitude in the republic itself who mostly like to have a 'dirty negotiation' in which this habituation led them to corrupt. 

Perhaps, rehab is not just made only for people who have problems in drugs but also they should make specific 'program' for those 'dirty negotiators', to train them become better people legislative and citizens.

This topic will never be ended, and even so we get tired sometimes to hear the same old story but yet we still interest to keep listen and curious to see what next... exactly the same feeling when I and my mom watched ketoprak: its too much but yet we want to know how the story ended even though we know it will never be ended...because new episode will come soon again.

We're often dreaming of this republic just like the neighbor: when is it going to happen?When I share my thoughts with my very wise expat friends, they simply comment: "Because too many people selfish".  

Are we?

Lets learn to be more thoughtful and less selfish so. Start from now.

DBLN, 22.15-070112

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