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Yesterday, a friend of mine felt annoyed from the profile picture of one of her friends on Facebook. I was actually surprised myself by the fact that she's friend with him on Facebook.

The thing is they both come from totally different world, and I know we don't chose friends on Facebook because of they have the same interest, likes, ethics or whatsoever, least we chose friends because they are 'good' people.

Ok, here is the summary story. She wears hijab and the other is gay. I know him too but we're not friends on Facebook, and his gay is not the main reason I'm not friend with him. I have some gay friends, some of them are good friends, but I just can't see people with over narcissist. So instead of judging them I come with the idea not to be friends with these people.

What make me laugh is she fess that she never know what reasons make them friends on Facebook. I asked her what makes her annoying from him, and here is her reason:

Profile Picture

Apparently,  its about profile picture. The guy puts his profile picture with a nude man with just a ball covers his 'tool' in an intimate gesture, and according to her he often posting 'weird' things.

My first profile picture on my Facebook was Indonesian flag. Then I changed it, showing my face. I didn't think putting your own face is necessary on a social network - for some reasons I have to change this thought in more positive idea of having your own face on your profile picture.

Your profile picture can actually bring some benefits, for example a writer. Many writers who have Facebook account will show their face on profile instead of their books. Your face have strong influence in something you are doing.

I can see the change of my blog readers when I show my face on my profile. Somehow, we feel closer and friendlier between the reader and the writer.

Unless you don't want to put your face on profile picture because you're a shy person, or you think it doesn't  important... if that is the reason then its fine. But how about if the person like my friend told me?

Although its his right to put it on his profile, but Its indeed still annoying for us, especially if we don't like it.

Finally, our right sometimes isn't always about what right for us, but it obliquely involves other people'f life. Be respect to other people's comforts.

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