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I try to track the most visit posts from 2009 to 2012 - I do this to encourage myself to be more creative in writing.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able with the page screen shoot to show you my blog stat during the three years of blogging - it didn't work for some reasons.

I actually start the JengSri's Blog in 2008 but starting to posting in January 2009, with the first posting entitled Indonesian women's welfare.

I have posted 446 posts in total, 28 posts on draft and 418 published.

Here are the top ten posts from May 2009- January 2012:
  1. Perception and Sensation - 1,304 pageviews. 
  2. The Analysis of The Little Hans's Phobia and Anxiety - 873 pageviews.
  3. How to reject the null hypothesis (Chi Square) - 531 pageviews.
  4. The Theory of Knowledge in Philosophy - 427 pageviews.
  5. Inductive and Deductive arguments - 408 pageviews.
  6. The Analysis of Little Hans's Phantasies - 354 pageviews.
  7. Divorce - 264 pageviews.
  8. How Social Interactions influence the Self-Identity - 254 pageviews.
  9. The Communication within neurons - 246 pageviews
  10. 6 Delicious Main Course for Ramadhan - 239 pageviews.
Some draft posts cause my blog ranks decrease drastically, particularly after I made a huge mistake: deleting the all photos on JengSri's Blog from the Pics album. 

However, reading the stats of my blog has given me a new courage to write a new idea!

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