So...Where Is My New Soul mate?

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In Europe, having single status in later years is normal. Unfortunately, not in my home, Indonesia. Women who aren't married will be called 'Perawan tua' - means women in the later years.

So that what makes almost girlfriends of mine can't enjoy of being single. Like a 'tumor' that someday can kill them, the single status is a disease that must granulated from their life.

Remember the story on my previous posting? She is one of those victims of called 'perawan tua'. She told me she's running of time to be single...she needs a husband!

No matter I said to her to careful and not being rushed into a new relationship or marriage - she just can't listen - she is running of time as she's thinking she's getting old... 40 years old, actually.

My hubby advised me not to get involves in her finding the new soul mate -- according to him, that would be my friend's problem, but what kind of best friend am I if let her like that?

But yeah..he's right after all.

In fact, she's not the only people who can't enjoy with the single life. Another friend of mine who is in his trouble marriage admits that he needs a new wife, exactly.

To be honest, I have no idea how can they think of getting into new relationship so quickly after the hearth broken from the previous relationship???

I don't believe the culture makes them like that as I grew up in the same culture, but thank God, I can't think of getting a new soul mate while having trouble in my marriage...or can you?

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