How Do You Perceive Your World?

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What do you think about the illustration above? I’m sure you will think that the illustration is a man with saxophone.
However, do you realize there is also another image beside it?  The illustration is actually represent two images - and I will leave this to you .. to guess the other one.

We called the image is object. When we  see an object it will stimulate our perception. It’s what psychology coins ‘Perception’.

How can we not able to realise both images at the same time? Or there maybe some people find it easy to recognize them? Yeah, probably. Some people with good ability seeing details object will be easy to answer the both images at the same time.

But most people can only guess one image of the illustration above, this is because we can only think the most familiar object. In this case a man with the saxophone is more familiar than the other one.

Assumption and previous knowledge are also involved in the outcome of perception, which is  they can lead us to false conclusion: think how often do you describe new people you just met and at the end you find it false?

So how can be our perception false then?

When we see the world, the visual of our image to the object will involve such as depth, colour, size shape, and object recognition - these all based on our experience and knowledge/experience. All objects we see can manipulate our perception, therefore the outcome might be false since we see the object based only on experience and knowledge/assumption, not the actual object.

A very simple example about perception is the phenomenons in social networks. Today, internet is no longer used just for office stuff. The advance of technology today led people to ‘enforce’ us to be ‘pro-active’ to use the very advice devices as there just so many very tempting applications to use - they’re completely buried human’s life!

Blogging, Facebook, Tweet … you name it. They give great advantages and disadvantages. I myself have most all social network accounts. I very often got the friend add from strangers on my facebook or tweet, and yet they send me a message like this: “Hi Sri, I want to be your friend. I read your blog and I like your writings. You seem a very nice woman”.

Well to be honest, I’m always nice to people on the internet but rarely nice in my real life (my friends, and my hubby call me ‘jutek’ woman). I don’t really like having conversation with new people, I’m a bit unfriendly and quite woman. See, you won’t know about how not nice I am until I tell this. My smile picture and my nice words seem like representing my real characters to them.

Activity on social network can sometimes go further, like by giving personal details. Usually come from first impression to the person we know from internet.

Ana (30) met a guy from blogging. They chat everyday, sharing about their life story. Ana thought he was the man that she had been wanted. Ana thought they were in love. Until one day, they decided to meet up  in where the guy lived.

Unfortunately, the guy wasn’t happy. Perhaps, Ana was not a woman he was expecting. The perception was failed. The guy didn’t want to contact her again. Ana was heart broken. She was disappointed. She tried everything to make him like her again. But still, the guy didn’t want to see her again.

When I asked him why he changed his mind about Ana, he answered: “She is just a friend to me”.

It always happens like that. In social networks or real life.

Our perception is never 100 % accurate. Your perception tells you what you see and think but does not tell you the actual object.

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