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Starting in 2011, I decided to take a web design course. The course was taken just after I finished my European Computer Driving License course. It was a fun and enjoyable course. Especially when it comes to editing the lay out - I can sometimes spend hours or even all day just to edit the lay out!

The web design course itself is quite cheap and takes only three months to finish the course. Although my Microsoft course teacher advised me to take the intermediate level I took the beginners course instead as I wasn't confident enough to do that.

Little knowledge of html or css is required as we will be dealing with these things. Luckily, I've got this! The blogging activity has encouraged me to learn how to work with html and css - and I learn it for free!

First thing what I really wanted to know about web design was web hosting. It's so interesting once I know about it -  as what comes into my mind when thinking about how a website works is only the internet!

A web hosting is a must to run a website or blog. You can even get free webhosting for your blog. Thanks to all those creators as today people have more advantages to build personal blogs with free host!

But if you want a website specially for business then my advice is that its better if you buy the web hosting so that it looks more professional and organized.

There are a lot of offers to buy a good and cheap web hosting. You can get this information at web hosting news. The most recommended web hosting is usually web hosting hub. The price is reasonable - even for a blogger!

The second recommendation for the web hosting is Go Daddy - I got this recommendation from my web design teacher. Like web hosting hub, Go Daddy too has reasonable prices and simple hosting.

You may check at websitehosting.com for more information on choosing the best web hosting.

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