Discover Ireland: The Beauty Of Howth Peninsula (2)

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There were quite many people when we entered the start point. I think most of them were tourists. For few minutes, we were taking photos at the start point (and still with the ice cream!). The weather was so lovely, a bit breezy but still warm. 

First 10 minutes of walking was just empty land and we arrived at not the very top of hills but high enough (as I'm so scared of high!), near the top hills there were very nice sun flowers thrive, the rest was just spectaculer of the magnify landscape of Howth Peninsula, between hills and the sea. And its just the beginning of the easy level ....

Some young girls who were not far standing far from us busy taking photos, I guess they were Spanish. They asked Stef to take them picture of them. It was a magnificent landscape, everyone would love to perpetuate that place in a memory. We asked them the same after finished taking photos for them.

Backpakers from Indonesia :)

I feel 10 years younger :D

Candid camera by Stef

We continued walking up the hills, as I was afraid of high, Amel and Stef guard me by walking left beside me. After less than an hour (that inlcuded with taking pictures!) the road hills getting steeper and I was getting even more scared.

Although the road beside the sea seemed very high I still enjoyed the view, I even forgot that I was scared of high after an hour walking as the view was just magnificent! That was also because Stef and Amel were singing all the way up to the hills :D.

Oh, I forget to mention about camera. I forgot to bring my camera but luckily Amel did and Stef had her iPhone. Amel loved taking pictures, so every step on the Howth Peninsula could not be missed from Amel's camera. So we had to stop for taking picture everytime Amel saw interesting subject!

The good thing is she's a good photographer :). And oh yeah, I forget one more thing, all photos were taken by Amel (sorry Amel I didn't ask you for permission - just can't wait to post our trip!).

Taken by me with Amel's camera :)

So peaceful
In the middle of the top hill we took a rest for just few minutes (and off course taking pictures again!) and then we continued the walk. Still half to go to the easy level, Stef and Amel continued singing the song that I've never heard  before in my life.

We joked all the time all  the way to the hill, what I liked most from these two girls were they were fun and easy going no matter what the situation was. Stef was the girl I like to bugging most, and yet she was still smiling and showing her cheeky face - and we loved her!

Without checking how long we had been walking, we arrived at junction between the easy level and the harder one. We discussed for a while, Amel asked for the harder one, which is symbolised by red colour. We agreed. We walked up to the road and saw a car park. We decided to take a rest for few minutes on car park and the continued to see around the car park which was just located beside the sea.

Amel took advantage this rare view by taking some photos while Stef was trying to take photo of me who was standing beside an odd building. We continued walking down the road until we saw a junction we realised that we were lost ...

Bye for now.



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