Discover Ireland: The Beauty of Howth Peninsula (3)

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Amel and Stef were very easy to please so therefore I always enjoyed hang out with them. Amel was always amazed by something she saw and she was always ready with her camera. Even something that looked ordinary she was still able to make it looks so special.

Stef was even more special to me. Although she had different belief to us, she was the easiest person I had ever met who can to get along with anyone. With these two girls beside me, hiking 22 km from my house to around the Howth Peninsula did not feel tired at all!

When we realised we were lost we were back up to the car park and then turned a left before the car park location. The road was down to somewhere, we still didn't see anything yet. After 5 minutes walking we found a view even more amazing than the ones we saw before. 

Me between the flowers all the way to core trip

I'm flying!
The lands surrounded by so many beautiful flowers and front of us was clear sky with a blue sea landscape - I just wanted to stay there forever. We were in the middle of the yellow flowers with a lot of spines on its sprigs. Stef put on her jacket back to protect her white skin from the sting while I myself didn't feel the sting at all even though I didn't put on my jacket.

Amel was ready with her camera, I was busy admiring the views front of me and Stef kept walking not far from front of me.

We were walking about an half hour and then found rock hills front of us, we climbed all the way to the small path of the rock hills, slightly tiring but still fun doing it. We took a rest about 10 minutes, lying down on the grace .... it was just so peaceful and ... heavenly.

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