Discover Ireland:The Beauty Of Howth Peninsula

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Howth is 6 km far from where I live by walking and just 5 minutes by train from the local station. Howth is also well-know with its Peninsula and hiking activity. I have actually been Howth for several times during weekend and when the weather is nice, but never done the hiking in Ireland before - not until my friends came up with this idea for my 'farewell party'.

On May 5th 2012, I, Amel and Steff decided to have a big walk. We planned to walk from my house to Howth and then hiking. Around 11 am we started the walk. Although it was a bit breezy but the sun was still very bright, which was just perfect for us! 

Walking in Ireland is such a nice thing to do, especially when weather is nice. We didn't even realise walking for around 6 km, we arrived in Howth village about 12 noon. As soon as we arrived we got lunch at Beshoff.  Beshoff is famous with its fish and chips and I think it's not just me who love this mouth-watering foods but most everyone do. 

Around the Howth village

Howth has also restaurant where just located beside the sea. On weekend, I and my hubby sometimes like to have lunch there. Aside from the food price is reasonable for tourist and local, the sea view is just great place for the weekend off. 

There is also some fish and seafood shops around the Howth, which is another thing I love from Howth and makes me always doing my routine before leaving Howth - buying fish and seafood.

Although it was a bit breezy but the sun was still very bright, which was just perfect for us! 

just the beginning of walking up to the start point  

amazing place of Howth Peninsula

pose before hiking  
ready to hike!  

level of hiking: which ones are you?

The three of us had fish and chips and fried prawns for lunch from Beshoff. We had the lunch just on the small garden near Beshoff. The lunch finished less than half hour and we continued to walk up to the hiking area. As we didn't know at all about hiking in Howth we decided to follow some people who were walking not far from front of us.

Along the way to start point was just absolutely so beautiful views and it took about 15 minutes from the Howth village to the start point. We took time to buy three ice cream for each of us before taking the big walk to the hills: two magnums for them and pink ice cream for me!

With still eating ice cream we read the maps for the hiking area. The map shows four lines with different colours and each colour tells different level of hiking. Green and blue colours were for the easy levels which took about 6-7  km of hiking. The red one was a bit harder, took about 8 km. And las one, which was the purple colour was the hardest one, it took 10 km of hiking!

And we were ready to hike....

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