Facebook, Parents And Kids Under 13 Years Old

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Being young kids and no disciplines often find at aged between 0 - 12 years old but parents must not stop to remind their kids of what they should do and don't. It is a challenging job for most parents or teachers to remain calm when dealing with young kids as these young kids are little people who know only their own rules and not knowing clearly what is wrong and right.

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Things become more challenging for parents when social media becomes trend today. Last year, my little handsome boy (he's 12 years old now) asked me to sign  up a Facebook account for him. I was actually disagree to do it but he insisted with reasons most his friends have one. 
I find many young kids today have a Facebook although Mark, the Facebook founder, regulates the account user with maximum age at least 13 years old. I gave a clear message to my boy that he's not supposed to have Facebook until at least his age is under age regulations - whether he understood or not, I stated some regulations he must obey while using Facebook.

Regulations between parents and the young kids

As we can't avoid the invasion of social media on the Internet so important to give a simple explanation of using Facebook to our little kids (specially about not using it for bullying friends). What first I told to my boy is that I have access to his account. Anything that has been set up on his account cannot be changed by himself unless if he asks for permission - ensure he doesn't break the rules!

Don't be too hard when giving regulations (as they won't understand it). After all, remain an image that Facebook for their ages is for fun i.e. playing games.

So far my little boy obey the rules BUT does not mean he's good all the time .. (he's a boy, you know!)

Keep checking their Facebook

When a clear message given (that we have access to their account), they know that their Facebook is being watched by their parents. Tell them also the reason we have access to their account because their ages are under parental guide.

My boy wasn't active on Facebook  until recently I find he's been on Facebook almost everyday. I allow him to be on Facebook because of school holiday. So far is only playing games and messaging his school mates. As a growing boy he always has something to explore with ... like liking a girl, and I realise that I'm growing old...

Having A Talk

Ready with unexpected things on your kids Facebook. Take action immediately is a MUST when you see the kids do inappropriate things on Facebook. Remains calm but decisive and ask them to have a talk about something related to their Facebook.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my boy about a thing he did on Facebook. I discouraged his way of calling his friend impolitely. His answer just like what I expected. "Because he says that to me and to others too" he depended himself (typical a boy's answer when their mom ask him for his wrong doing).

While they still explore with their new world then wiser for parents if we don't threaten them for their wrong doing - explained to them instead that there many good things we can do on Facebook, this way is more effective and positive to give them better understanding about Facebook.

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