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Sorry for not up dating this blog nearly one month! Our time for leaving Ireland getting closer and closer. I'm physically not too busy but my mind is full with loads of schedules. Also, I'm a bit not in the mood to up date my blogs :(.

Need a new template for JengSri's Blog

To keep up my spirit from blogging, I want to change my blog template and have been looking for the newest template design. Just before I post this, I've been looking for some templates and my first research was my favourite Indonesian designer template, Cebong Ipiet. She seems does not have newest ones (I like the early Cebong's design 'Paper Girl' though), but the Paper Girl seems like everyone has it already. 

If any of you have the good ones to share with me please, please, feel free to drop the links with your comment - I desperate looking for the good one :(.

My favourite template design

It should be elegant with nature color - kind of Cebong Ipiet's template design. I'm just so into her! Pink colour with elegant design would be my favourite one. 

I just have a look Dani's design - its very good  but the price is too high :(.

Free template or buying?

I prefer free (off course!) but I don't mind to buy as long as the price is reasonable. Below $30 approximately.  I see some designer template put their price too high with template design below average. Sometimes I see the free template even better that those buy template.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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