How Not To Lose Your Enthusiasm When Learning English

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I've just visited Effortless English forum and intend to posting this article there but then I remember that I haven't posted anything related about learning English so I decide to share my ideas about how to keep your motivation while learning English.

I'm interested in sharing this due to some people in the forum sharing their failure feelings in learning English, that they have no progress yet with their English.

Effortless English is now bigger than four years ago, I see more new members now join the forum. They come from around the world with different levels of English and hoping only one thing from Effortless English: speak English fluently.

AJ Hoge, the founder of Effortless English, has a very promising method that can make people speak English effortlessly. The ads about it is also very eye caching and influence people want to buy the lessons, but then they feel that is not as good as its ads when they find their English has no improvement.

Be realistic!

First thing first, be realistic when learning English. You can't reach your goal if you don't do exactly as your teacher ask and you can't pass the exam without studying the subject first, so study is important. Manage your time is necessary so that you know how long you must finish one lesson. I know Effortless English is English Podcast course that can be learnt anywhere and anytime but if you want to be exactly what AJ's said (speak English fluently in 7 months) then my advise is you should specific too with your study time table.

Follow anything what AJ has instructed to you about learning English. Listen to the lesson as long as you like. Stop it if you feel bored with the lesson. Try to find different resources about learning English - makes yourself enjoy with it. Remember to repeat it as many as you like but don't force yourself!

Surround yourself with positive people

Easy come easy go. It what happens with our enthusiasm. The enthusiasm usually comes on the first week we join the forum, the feeling likes we could speak English effortlessly just in a week, but then after a while we feel the enthusiasm is getting less and lesser. Don't ask why, it just human natures - it happens to me as well sometimes.

The good thing for us is Effortless English forum is filled by enthusiast and positive people who want to learn English so fast and better yet many of them are already good at English, so takes this advantage by sharing your English writing with them. Even better if you join the VIP member as often AJ Hoge, the director of Effortless English, gives comment to member postings.

Don't stop practice!

Bored, lazy and frustration - I feel this way sometimes. And it's normal to feel this way. Keep away the English learning activity for few days, but comeback soon! What makes me keep going to practice my writing is I have English blog, so I can keep practising between the two places. But now, I'm back to write again in the forums and my blog!

Anything about English

Do you know the simple to learn English quickly? Life with English language. If you don't have the opportunity living in the English country then ensure you have everything related to English language. I love listen to English music and now I can understand completely any English programs or movies without the subtitles.

This way will teach you directly correct grammars, idioms, conversation and so on. Once you used to with English language you understand even difficult words - even you're not fluent yet you will find yourself more comfort using English than your own language.

Last but not least, you must love what you do - it's very important! The passion comes from because you love doing it and your positive surroundings too.

And don't forget to have fun with English!

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