My New Template, Designed By Cebong Ipiet

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

After long journey looking for the suitable template I've finally got one! Last week, I decided to contact Cebong Ipiet , a blogger from Indonesia, asking her to design a template for my blog. She responded my email on the same day asking and the rest was very straight forward.

As I mentioned on my previous posting that I really like Ipiet's design (her design colours specially!), so when I told her  about my favourite colours she instantly sent me the lay out samples. 

And here it is ... my new lovely template :).

The order template took only few days (less than a week), I did the front payment through PayPal and the rest bill paid after my template finished. 

I'm very happy now with my new look template. Thank you Mbak Piet - you rock!

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