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You probably still remember about my friend who got scammed from online dating, she's till doing it and two days ago she has her membership upgraded. She has confessed to me that she is actually tired with dating online but her curiosity to find a good guy keeps her going. 

To be able to get more features from the online dating site she takes further step by upgrading her membership. She's now able to get in touch with whoever contact her by message or a forum chat.

"You sure you wanna do this?" I questioned her in the few last minutes before she filled in the form online.

"Yes. This the only way I can get in touch with a guy I really want" She replied positively.

Dating online can be helpful if you know to keep away from frauds (remember the story of the army guy?). If you're smart and know how to protect yourself from scams you might get the guy you really want. I know some people who start their relationship from dating online and then get married - it's not just about lucky that they got the really good one but because their 'intellectuals thinking' to get the right person.

I see too often girls/boys lament to their unhappy relationship/single life and  they don't change the way of (quality) thinking about the person they want to be with. 

I hope you all find the true one.

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