Two Crimes On Sunday Evening

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I and my friend went to town on Sunday for girls day out. We planned to go for window shopping and then lunch. We went around from one shopping centre to another, just wanted to have a look what we like but the only shop we ended up in cashier was only in a food shop, restaurant and cafe.

After half hour over we decided to go to food shop where near to the shopping centre area. Not far from the shop entrance, we saw a big fat woman coincidentally bumped a man who was apparently blind. As the blind man was trying to look for the stick, the woman didn't get any help and not even said sorry to him - instead, she was the one angry to him.

She rushed enter to the shop while we were just a few steps behind her. Less than 10 minutes, the security shop approached and warned the woman: "What do you have inside your jacket?". As she stand very close to us, we looked at her curiously, and apparently she stole something from the shop!

I was glad that the security caught her, at least that her reward for being so bad to the blind man.

We went out from the shop, still talking about what had happened earlier. We decided to have a lunch in Malaysian restaurant where just 10 minutes walking from Henry street. The delicious foods from the restaurant had removed the story about the woman. We were enjoying our lunch for about half hour.

After finishing the lunch we continued to Asian market where just 10 minutes from the restaurant. Again, almost nearly the entrance, two teenagers were running so fast through us, and we heard a girl shouting very loudly: "Stop him, stop him!". While we had no idea what had happened, two Asian men who were standing just front of the Asian market, with no fear, they grabbed one of the teenagers.

The girl approached them and asked the young kid: "Where is my iPhone?!".  We could see the young kid 's face looks so afraid as the two Asian men were very angry with them. "This my own phone" he showed his phone to them. The girl asked where his friend was.

On that moment, we realised that the girl's iPhone had been stolen by the young kids while she was on the phone and walking in the public place!

"Does it all happen because of the crisis economic, so that makes people crisis moral as well?" we entered the shop, with still unbelievable feeling with what happened in one day.

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