The Convenience Of Immigration Office Singapore

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The Approval Letter was received from the agent few days later after the approval visa. As I have mentioned in the previous posting everything was very straight forward and no hassles during the visa process, and we were very happy for that.

The appointment for collecting visa was arranged about two weeks before our departure to Singapore. 

We went to Rikvin office two days after our arrival. We found no hassle looking for the Rikvin address as it was located in the City area and near to the MRT. It was a quick chat between my hubby and the staff Rikvin. She checked all the documents and described anythings necessary for my hubby's visa. After few minutes later we went off to the Employment Pass office.

A quick service of visa

The Employment Pass building is located about less than 10 minutes walking from Rikvin office - it was very hot day that day so took longer for us to walk to the location). It was a noticeable building as they had a sign of Employment Pass at the front of the building entrance with a sign of red arrow. 

The office was on the fourth floor and quite many people when we got there. There were three machines which for taking the queue ticket, for few seconds my hubby was uncertain what to do with the machine. He scan the Approval Letter with code numbers to the machine and then got the queue ticket. 

From the machine ticket we off to the right and waiting our turn in the most comfy coach of immigration office I've ever seated. About 10 minutes, my hubby's name was called up on the screen (no calling - so you must check your name on the screen). I

The only thing my hubby was not ready is a photograph. So he went out of the the immigration to take a photograph -and the staff was still waiting him until he got back (15 minutes, due to a long queue) - the fingerprint need to be taken for the Pass card (and they just take your fingerprint right away where you sit) and there was also fee for collecting the Pass. So everything very comfy, straight forward and no bla bla (if you have everything with you and follow the process exactly as they ask).

So basically when you go to the Employment Pass to collect your Pass is you need to have your Approval Letter from MOM and a photograph - oops, also the fee at the end.

Collecting the Pass

My hubby was given a chosen either want to collect on Monday or Saturday but he was recommended by the staff to collect on Saturday instead as that is less busy.

We were back on Saturday before afternoon. There was a long enough queue when we got there, thinking that would take longer, I took a seat not far from the queue. However, they proceed everything so quickly (the quickest service of immigration office I've ever known!). 

Apart from the photograph of my hubby, we were very happy to received the Pass card!

But it's all just beginning ... he still needs find a job and apply for Dependant Pass for me, and find a place to stay (as we're currently still in the hostel!)

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