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Although we have done a lot of research before coming to Singapore and myself from neigbouring country I still find Singapore is a new thing to me. First day in Singapore was the learning day. We got MRT - the Singapore train, I was totally confuse as I had no experience at all how to work out the MRT maps.

Luckily, I was with my hubby - he's very good at reading maps.  Well, compare to my Indonesian friends (oops) I'm actually pretty good at reading maps but MRT maps is just out of my league.

Learning the MRT maps and its rules

All the day on the first day, I was like a morron, just following where ever my hubby went, and we looked even more morron we were both lost in the MRT station, lol. MRT is a very convinient transportation with its technology: the train ticket is reuseable and there is deposite on top of the price ticket - so basically you will get your money back when you return the ticket into the machine and you won't get your deposit back if your ticket is lost. I was fine about the machine ticket (well, I had a bit embarrasing incident - I tapped my ticket on top of the screen instead of the tap machine, lol).

One thing I can remember is when hubbby told me about the MRT maps: "Once you know how to read this maps, you will find easy to use any trains like MRT in other country".

Affected by his comment I then started to learn the the maps. My first learning was when we went to Orchad road - I was successfully being my hubby's guide using MRT to the city. Yeay!

Singapore is a very clean country so that's why I think they're very strict to cleanness act, specially in the MRT stations, I don't find a bin in the MRT stations during my trips using the MRT and never seen anyone having a drink or hold a bottle of water in the MRT areas. So I was very aware when I wanted to drink and opened my bottle - I didn't see a bin and there was a lot of cctv in the station (I could probably do it if there was no cctv as I was extremely thirsty that time!)

There is another thing that I like (actually too many things I like from Singapore!): Beside the machine ticket entrance, there is an ad with a girl picture showing the size height with encouraging words to buy a ticket as the girl is tall enough and eligible to have her own ticket. When seeing this ad, I was thinking about the effectiveness of its ad to the children.

The seen signs for reserved seats on the MRT warns me not to take this seat, specially in peak hours! Also, I see most non commercial ads (specially on the train) are very constructive for the people awareness.

So far I pass my learning with no troubles taking the MRT - It's a very comfortable and convenient transportation, so I think fair for us to obey whatever rules have been made. I love taking MRT every day :).

Till tomorrow.

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