Hello June (Good Bye Ireland)

Friday, June 01, 2012 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Hello bloggers,

I hope you all in a good spirit like me today. Weather in Ireland today is cloudy but it still nice and warm to wear summer dress. While waiting my hubby wake up (it's already 12.36 pm  in Ireland!), I just enjoy myself with my note book and a cup of green tea :).

The monthly note this month is about my excitement to Singapore! we'll be flying to Singapore tomorrow! Yeay! We are so looking forward to it today. Still have some things to do though.

Last night, we were having a firewall party and back home around 2 a.m - that's why my hubby got hang over this morning. Before that, I had a lunch with my friend and did a bit window shopping. It was hard to say good bye with good people, so yesterday, I decided not to say anything with my friend - I just hugged and said to her: "I'll see you in Singapore".

One thing I can only say during my life in Ireland: I had a great time in Ireland! Can't wait to share my experiences in Singapore on my blog!

Till tomorrow.

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