The Last Minute Before Leaving

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We finally arrived safe and sound in Singapore on Sunday, the third of June. Departing from Dublin airport on Saturday night at 9 pm. The last few hours before our leaving Ireland everything was a tad chaotic. My hubby was still busy organizing things for the house i.e. cutting the grace, fixing the heater, calling the management, etc. I myself was (still) busy packing our stuffs. 

An Indonesian friend of mine stayed over since she knew we were leaving. I only let a few people know about our leaving (mostly closed friends) , so I said no to my friend (Eka) when my she offered me a job as we were leaving Ireland the next day - she was obviously surprised about the news.

Having know that she soon wanted to see me to say good bye. Her place was actually far enough from where we live (approximately two hours by bus) so I told her to stay over night. Spent the night with her with laughs and fun photographs :).

A Surprise in the air port

The big day was the most nervous day, we were still busy with many things. Luckily, we got some helps from family and friends. My hubby's younger brother dropped us in the airport. Arrived in the airport quite early and I was a bit sick from the butter fly. 

On the way to the Etihad locket I saw two friends of mine were approaching me (thinking that we met just by accident): "What are you doing here girls?" and they replied me with big smiles: "We were coming for you".

We have actually met and having drinks the night before that - well, well done girls (Amel and Stef) - you both were really touching me.

They let us to check in first and when things were done we were back again to them. We sat on the cafe air port (that time I felt sad to leave Ireland). After about half hour having a chat we finally must say good bye. Stef was a bit emotional (well, I was almost crying, too). 

I will miss you guys - all of you.

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