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Wednesday, June 13, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

Hey, I've been so diligent lately, up dating my blog almost everyday and today I've been posting twice - wow! That's a very unusual of me :). And what is it now?

Just find out today that Google has something new for Google users. When I open the new tab (using Chrome) a new icon with red symbol  appears at the bottom Google search catching my eyes as it seems a good offer to try. 
A free 5 GB is a Google drive given today for Google users account. I didn't think twice anymore when I saw it - I've been looking a space to move my folders from my notebook - as this something that I've been looking for. 

While it's free why not trying it specially if it worthwhile for your folders saving.

It's a peace of cake install!

Here are easy steps for installing Google drive to your computer:

1. Click the link get started with 5 GB free (see image below).

Sorry for the messy image (I never done it perfectly for image screening!)

2.  Then click Go To Google Drive - you will be asked to sign in to you Google account - log in to your Google account as normally you did. 

3. You ll be directed to your Google drive. Sync anything from your computer up to no more than 5 GB. (see image below) and enjoy your  new home!

That looks better :)

It's said that it will be coming soon for iPhone and iPad - and I'll be looking forward to it - to try it on my iPad - wait there Apple users!

Till tomorrow,

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