Singapore, Here We Come

Friday, June 08, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

Yeah, we're now in Singapore. Getting very excited when we arrived in the Changi International airport Singapore. Arrived a bit late and was very humid for us who were just coming from freezing country! Everything was going fine in the immigration office airport (I was told by the lady in the Etihad desk that I would probably be refused by the immigration as I only had single ticket).

Thank God that we got a taxi straight away in the airport and no need to wait as I was deadly tired and thirsty! The driver was very quite (no chat at all with the passenger. Well, that's good as I had no energy to talk - not even a single word!) - we were heading to a little india area - all the way to the Perak hotel. The distance from the Changi airport took approximately 20 minutes (if I wasn't mistaken).

Arrived in the hotel save and sound, paid the taxi driver (which is very cheap!), at the end, the taxi driver gave us smile and said: "Enjoy your holiday". Three nice words and we headed off to the reception.

I felt almost fainted at the front of the reception desk, I let my hubby filled in the form and I sat on the couch (with two big and small luggage) for a few seconds.

A good man always understand everything - we were actually given a further room but the receptionist gave us the closest room to the lobby instead (thanks man!).

No more waiting - we jumped to the  bed and slept like a baby.

Good night Singapore.

Till tomorrow,

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