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As I have promised I will share our experiences in Singapore on this blog, anything about it since, after and before our arrival will be posted on my blog, so don't miss it guys ;)! 

Hopefully this will be useful as I was thinking it might be worthwhile to share it with my blog readers. If your searching end up on my blog please do double check everything on MOM website at about how to get work visa in Singapore.

This posting is based only on our own experience so anyone can have different experience depending on their cases.

It is highly recommended to line up what you want to do before coming to Singapore. It's is expensive enough country for living or even for holiday. We did a lot of research before coming to Singapore - how much the cost living (specially without a job) - so as we are coming to Singapore with no job we put 3 up to 6 months for the budget.

Do a lot of research about Singapore

You can get dozens of information from many resources, like Singapore Expat Forum for example. The site provides useful information about Singapore that coming from expats with many years experiences in Singapore and you probably get different opinions and comments related to your case - ensure you do many research before taking an advice from your online research.

Everything is actually very straight forward with my hubby work visa.  If you have everything ready with you then you shouldn't get a problem in applying a visa. And before you apply a work visa you must know your type visa. Singapore has a different type of work visas (please see at the link address above) which depending on your basic salary.

PEP (Personalized Employment Pass)

Apart of the Employment Pass (EP) and Personalized Employment Pass (PEP), you can apply work visa if you are middle-skill workers. The Employment Pass is eligible for those have basic salary at least S$ 3,000 (please check for its validity on MOM website).

Basically, people who intends to work in Singapore has a sponsor from their company or relocated to Singapore. As my hubby does not have a sponsor, a recommended visa for him is PEP (Personalized Employment Pass). 

To be eligible with the PEP you need at least have $ 8,000 basic salary (again, please check its validity on MOM website). You will get 5 years to live and work with PEP and it allows you to seek a job up to 6 months. 

As it requires to have a local address we use a professional agent to apply on our behalf (and even better if you have a friend or relatives who can help you for your local sponsor).

Using agent visa

Again, do a lot of research about the agent before taking them to help your visa. There is a lot of agents that offers for the service visa but takes only that you think the best (of course!). We used Rikvin agent for applying the PEP visa, the fee was S$1.2 K (about €700) - the people there were very helpful and even after we got the approval letter they still help us about the things related to the visa.

It is quite expensive to use agent but everything is done very straight forward and most importantly of using agent is it safe and done by professionals.

It was about 3 weeks to get the approval letter for my hubby's application. Next was about to collect the pass (visa) and we were very happy and ready to do it :).

Till tomorrow.

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