Judging People, Are You This Type of Person?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Unknown 1 Comments

"No, I'm not!" you might defense yourself when somebody ask you that question, and don't worry because most of us don't like to be categorized with this type. 

I enjoy observing people and this just nature of my psychology knowledge. Recently, I like being on tweeter, enjoy reading people tweets give me a subject of assignment: Why like that and who is that.

It seems like online social networks today are 'the right' spot to express our nature-attention demands. 

Yeah, it's real fun indeed. Some people like us and some don't. Tweets getting annoying for us when we disagree with the person's tweet. We respond it with a judgment. We hypocritically point at each others.

Most of us are so good when comes to judge somebody and what scary behinds of judging is when the message is meant to be for ourselves but we refuse and pretend that we're just (not) like them.

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  1. I have some kind of believe, "who the hell are you to judge??". So every time I have negative thinking on somebody, I will reflect on it. So it makes me more positive individual.

    Keep positive...:)

    Check back my blog please..:)



Nice saying shows your character but that doesn't mean you can criticize. You can still do both in nice and polite way.

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