You're Going To Gontor, My Son ....

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 "Knowledge is of two kinds: that which is absorbed and that which is heard. And that which is heard does not profit if it is not absorbed. ~Ali ibn abi Talib ~ ".

Here I am with my blog again after being so extremely busy with the real world but for some reasons I'm (always) tempted to keep blogging no matter what happened in my life! This posting will be my first posting of the Gontor as the new label of my blog. From now on I will share my experiences as the wali santri of Gontor.

Last month, Ade has finally finished his elemantary school. Although I was expecting higher marks from him but he still got good enough on his marks - twenty five point eighty four of the national exam marks or known in Bahasa is UN (Ujian Nasional). That's not too bad, is it? 

I was thinking to put Ade in a public school. Well, first idea was putting him in a best school in Jakarta but apparently his test academic result did not meet the requirements. The second idea of mine was putting him in a national public school i.e. Sekolah Menengah Pertama, but then I changed my mind ...

The idea of putting Ade in Islamic Boarding School has never emerged on my head as Ade himself did actually not want to go to Islamic boarding school or known in Bahasa is PonPes (Pondok Pesantren). I heard about Gontor since long time ago and did a lot of research everything about it. Somehow, I suddenly had the idea to put him in Gontor. When we were in a holiday in Pemalang, I told Ade the idea of going to Ponorogo to see Gontor.

Ade seemed unhappy to hear my idea but I promised him not to register in Gontor unless he's happy being there.

For wali santri,

If we have the idea of putting our children in Gontor and they seem unhappy of our idea then the best thing  is not to force them. Ask them to go with you to see the school and see how they feel like. In my experience, Ade still seemed unhappy at all even after the registration but with the positive encouragement and patience from family he gradually understood.

I even let him to play the iPad on his first day - didn't give him rules what to do and don'ts in Pondok Pesantren as I know he'll be introduced with the rules there very soon.   

Remember to give some information about Gontor first so that at least they have an introduction about it.

The almost hardest day for the kids from the first to the third day of the first week  for kids but with parents' prayer then Insya Allah they will be happy and sincere to school there.

Ade had less than 10 days two prepare a test. This test is the quotition before entering Gontor. There were over 3,000 pupils have been registred in Gontor this year so Ade must work hard among those competitors to pass the exam ...

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