Dare Enough To Speak Up Like XiaXue?

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She is just a blogger but extraordinary blogger. She was appeared in one of Singapore news paper and catching my attention (as it's about blogger). As I wondered (she must be popular enough to be appeared on news paper!) - I grabbed the news paper and read it.

She is called XiaXue. You'll be welcomed by a warm and confidence message when you get to her blog. She 's indeed a confident young girl with a big passion about her life!

Nothing was really special that the journalist had said about her but, hold on ... there was something interesting about this blogger.

I went to her blog and found a lot of negative comments about her - mostly men. I read thoroughly most of her posts and the comments. 

Nothing was really particular with her posting - just a personal blog to share the passion about her fashion style with some her modest photos attached on the posting.

Whether her photos that arised the visitors comments or she was just thoroughly awesome blogger (as she called herself confidently in the welcome message of her blog) - she's just very confident with what she wanted to show to her readers and ready with the comments of people who disagreed with her modesty. 

Her opposition to the negative comments had apperantly influenced other reader females too. Her different charaters of blogging led her facebook page to over a hundred thousands of likes and eight thousands followers on her blog.

Being different is indeed unique and need a pure honesty to be a unique person because you can't just be unique if you still hide yourself in the shadow. 

Bravo, XiaXue!

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