Getting Older, Less Famous

Friday, August 17, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

I like very much my new look blog and the purpose of changing the look of my blog is for encouraging me to up date this blog. And yes, I feel encourage when my blog looks newly designed. However, I have a little change to up date my blog everyday (my excuse) even though the desire for sharing, even just a small thing, is very high but at the same time I'm reluctant to log into my blog. 

It's not because I'm away from internet - I am on the internet most of the time (and my eyes now need get a medical attention as they are sometimes sore and often watery) but somehow I resist to up date my blog even though my thought have been seduced by the idea for writing.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social network that I sign up with have not been logged in for quite ages. I missed the hello's from family, friends (and fans, too); and even my birthday wishes from family and friends - just got them a week after that. 

I guess I'm getting bored with the stuff on the internet (can that really happen?) OR maybe because I'm not on the age for having fun anymore with these stuff?

Well, I'm just turned into 35 a week ago. When wishing to be much a younger looking woman, I feel weak and older instead ... is this what called  by age transition, a period where a woman reach their craziness? 

Out of the topic, sorry.

My blog has less visitors now and the page rank getting down everyday (now I concern about my blog rank). It's less famous and maybe even unknown now. About weeks ago I got an email from SEO website company, offered me to use their product. Somehow, even my blog has a low rank and rarely not being up dated, I never think to use the kind of these services - I don't why, but I think for a personal blog like mine is really need that service. I still prefer the fun way to upgrade my blog rank though - its by way I write when I want to write.

With this blog, which is getting older and less famous, I hope that my skill writing is growing and developing. 

Till tomorrow,

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