6 Steps Must-Do To Get Income From Blogging

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I've posted about this stuff before at 4 steps how to get income from blogging but I still see many bloggers (Indonesian bloggers specially) aren't interested enough in this (with mostly reasons are due to technical reasons) or  some confessed to me because not confident enough take this job. 
Based on these bloggers reasons this inspired me to share my thoughts and of course with more encouraging positive words ;).
Bloggers who enjoy writing and like to get income while blogging will definitely like this job - without need worry about not getting a job review. But there is, of course, some of a few things that requires your attention. What are they?

1. Your Passion

Passion is the very number one. You cannot do anything and reach your goal without passion. If you think you can try this then why not try? Build your passion and knowledge with people who knows better about getting income from blogger.

2. Everything starts from ZERO

Yup! Everything starts from ZERO. I start blogging from knowing nothing about blogging, never mind computer and getting income online. Start your ZERO from here, get your curiosity into value knowledge that gives you something in your life.

3. Learn English

There is a specific requirement to get income from blogging: the blog has to be in English. I heard you said: "But I'm not good at English!"

Okay, that's fine. But you got to do something if you are interested in having a review job, right?

So start to learn English and make an English blog today! Share your interests in your English blog, make friends with strangers and have fun!

4. Up Date Your Blog Frequently

Most advertiser will give the review job to bloggers with a good rank. So to get you a review job offer you must up date your blog as often as you can.

A hint: share about just even a little thing - this will keep you in a spirit to visit your blog.

5. Register Your Blog With Advertisers

Choose any advertisers you like but remember to do at least research about their company - they maybe just a scam.
A hint: Chose adveriser that pay you through PayPal and get paid each time your assigment done (avoid if they offer you payment until the total reach their goal).

6. Have Fun And Be A Millionare!

This might not a job that can make you a millionare but if you enjoy it and expert with it then the feeling is more than just a millionare!

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