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Apart of its cleanness, I  love Singapore because its culinary. I love foods and cooking so Singapore is definitely for me! And yes, you can find a variety of delicious and healthy (of course) Asian foods here in Singapore. Depending on what restaurant you like to go but generally the food court is the place where normally people go for eating. Beside the food court is quit cheap it also gives you many choices of asian foods.

For nearly two months I and my hubby have been exploring many enough culinary in Singapore and if you currently seeking information about where to eat in Singapore then here is some information I can share with you:

1. Punggol

Punggol is the place where we currently live. Food court in Punggol is easy to find and they're located in the local resident area. Our favorite place for diner is GM food court. Apart it nears where we stay it's also delicious! I recently try one of the Indonesian food there and the sambal terasi was very nice and the chicken was big too! (I start to become their best customer!).

We also have tried the Japanese restaurant in the Plaza Punggol and it was quite good. Not so many restaurants in The Plaza Punggol but if you want to try a place to eat with relax area then I would suggest you to go to WaterWay Punggol area where has some restaurants with nature atmosphere around it. 

2. Sengkang Plaza Food court

Here is our place to eat for lunch most everyday. Beside is cheap and near where we live it also has more choices than in Punggol food courts. It takes only 3 minutes by train to Sengkang from Punggol and the food court is at the top floor of the Sengkang plaza which just beside the MRT station.

The Sengkang food court has more choices than in Punggol. I love the fish shop there - they're absolutely delicious!

3. Harbourfront 

It takes around 12 minutes from the Dhaby Gaut to Harbourfront by MRT. It's convenient enough of location and place to spent your day off. The food court is located just on the right side of the MRT exit machine or else you just go around the shopping mall to find suitable place and foods.

Last week, we just found a food court at the very top floor of the Harbourfront plaza. They have also Rojak (rujak/fruits salad) and the taste was quite good. 

4. Sentosa

We ate in Sentosa just once and that was for dinner only. With this little experience culinary in Sentosa I can't say much about the food in Sentosa. However, you will find easy restaurant in Sentosa. We went to the Hungry Pirate restaurant in Sentosa and it was quite good. I think the restaurant has unique design of foods offer compare to others restaurant which I think my hubby likes it too!

Hungry Pirate restaurant with its complete main course

5. Ion Orchad food court

I've finally found Lontong Sayur in Singapore, one of my childhood favorite food (lontong sayur is usually eaten for breakfast in Indonesia) and I found it in Ion Orchad food court where you can find them in the basement. The taste of the lontong sayur is exactly the same like Indonesian flavour, which is so delicious!

We have visited some places in Singapore with good food courts (and most of them are good!). As I can't put them all on my posting I will finish it till here and continue sometime later but if you like everything about culinary then Singapore is definitely suit place for you to go holiday!

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