AJ's Methods Versus Old Methods

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Last night, I was accidentally entered a website which learning English was the main topic of their discussion. What interested me was, AJ's name was mentioned in the topic. One of the forum member asking a question to a man who I supposed he might be the admin of the forum, he was questioning about the works of AJ's methods. The man directly answered to her question and according to him better if people rely on what our English teacher has taught us i.e. grammar rules.

Some English teachers who join the Effortless English club are seeking a better approach for teaching English (I know one of these teachers - she tries to practise AJ's methods in her English class).

Seven months of AJ's promises to speak English fluently might not make some people ask around to its justness: "Is that true we can speak English that fast?".

I absolutely disagree with the former, the guy's comment about to keep rely on what our English teacher has taught us (remember the story of how my English teacher teaches his students in the class?), whether his comment based on his experience as English teacher, so he feels good/right to keep his students to stick with the English rules or because he just disbelieve of AJ's methods about the ability to speak English fluently in seven months without Grammar rules.

My unsavoury isn't based on my laziness (well, slightly!) - who wants to memorise all those grammars for the rest of our life , anyway? Do you?  My life (specially my brain!) is already busy enough to memorise or think about something else, so I will absolutely want make everything in my life easier, specially something about study like learning English.

When my English teacher in the class was amazed by my English, I was proudly answer him like this: "I learn English only from the Internet (AJ)". He smiled at me and replied: "Well Sri, I'm impressed" (did he really mean that? lol).

However, he could have become a better English teacher if he had AJ's methods - no wonder most students only in the class for 2 hours or less than that ---- he threats us like monkeys! e.g. "Follow me please", "Read the book and answer the questions from 1 to 20" (and then he's gone to the teacher's room!) .

So I come with my simple conclusion about 6 months to speak English fluently, that the 6 months of learning English would might not work at all if you don't follow the "rules". We don't memorise anything in AJ's lessons, do we?

It's been more than three and half years I join this club, I keep visiting this club, keep it practice, keep it up to date about learning English and the most important is to keep my passion! The latter is so difficult to do but when I gather with the same people who also like to improve their English and then my passion is back. This forum helps me so much, specially to my confidence in writing: No one correct my grammars.

I don't know how AJ can get these rules but I believe these rules are suitable for most of English learners, specially when people demand something more flexible, fun, enjoyable but in the same time it also insightful.

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