Can You Deal With Negative People?

Tuesday, September 04, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

Dealing with negative people sometimes could influence our response to them. The influences can be in positive or negative but most people would give the same reaction to them (negative response). For many people - specially those who have difficulty with self-esteem and self expression - this situation sometimes can be psychologically distressful. 
The question is where do the negative thoughts actually come from? James Borg, a psychologist as well as the writer of Mind Power refers that people generally will blame the situation or people instead of looking or changing their way of thinking - this is what evokes the negative thought spreads the entire our cells brain once it's attached.

During my observation with people who I know close enough, there are two very common responses that people usually  give when they deal with somebody they dislike: 1. They give a personal judgment. 2. Avoid the person.

I want to believe that a positive thinking leads to a positive attitude as well but you know sometimes it doesn't always work that why - I guess the second response is the best to do when our negative thought comes to mind.

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