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I've been sick since two days ago and having sudden fever in the middle of the night. Haven't been out since then and been absent from my English class. I feel better today though despite I still have a bit cough and headache (is that you call better?).  
Anyway, have I ever told you about my English class? Yeah, I go to English class, at last. You know I haven't been to 'proper' English class before. I learnt English when I was a very young kid in an English course but that was long time ago. Until I found AJ on internet about method to learn English in June 2007, and then I started to learn English more seriously.

As I'm a student Psychology I got a lot of assignments and required by college that I have to be good at writing. So I decided to look for an English course that focus in writing. Unfortunately, most of writing course in Dublin provide the course for native English only so poor me.
I kept looking it even though my husband inferred that I didn't need to go to English class as according to him my English was nearly fluent and he said the only thing I need to do is to keep practice.  
Anyway, do you know that Ireland is the most favourite place in the western country to practise English? Specially during summer many spanish students come to Ireland for a holiday and practicing their English. In spite of having difficulty to understand the irish accent, specially Dublin accent! 

I've finally found an English course, but not spesifically for English writing. It just a general English course.  The college required a test before joinned the class. The test result was really surprising as I only got 56 %! which means my English was in lower intermediate! However, the receptionist saw that my speaking was above avarage of lower intermediate level so she put me in the intermediate class.

The First Day of Class 
My first class was began on Monday. I was surpised again by the students (also the teacher!) in the class. The students all seemed like beginners to me: their reading, speaking, and pronoucing are absolutely still far from my level - I'm not being intended to understimate them, but honestly, I was thinking: "Am I in the wrong class, or did the receptionist give the wrong result?".

Yet, the teacher treated us like pupils in the elementary school and I really did't like it, not at my age specially! Like other English teachers I've met before (except AJ), they give dozens of grammar rules and the boring examples and as you can guess I couldn't stand longer until the class was finished!

Another English Test
When the class had finished I ran to the receptionist and asked them if I could go to higher level. The receptionist gave 60 multiple choice of questions for a half hour. I finished it exactly in half hour and got result. And do you know what? I got the same result! 

It can't be happened to me. I mean, common, why the test does not match with the reality of the person's ability? It must be something, either the test is for advance or the level doesn't match with the test result but I can't be in the class with people who seem have much lower level than me? Even my classmates and the teacher said so, they said: "Your English is very good, Sri. Are you sure in the right class?".

I could understand perfectly each question in the test of multiple choice questions, some words were new to me but I still understood perfectly. The result was probably unmistakable but I doubt two things about the test:
1. I doubt if my English is good enough for English exams like IELTS or TOEFL. No matter how good my English, it won't be the same like other English course that can provide preparations for the IELTS and TOEFL tests.

2. Perception is not the same reality and its reverse. I've met people who got good result in English test like IELTS and TOEFL but they have inabilty to speak as good as they result. Even an English teacher I've met in Indonesia - she's an English teacher in an international English school, her pronounciation and speaking isn't as good as her title as an English of International English School. How come? You tell me.

My point is, it's okay to have a bad result in English test (trying to make myself feel better). We don't really need it or I might not really need it. If the reality I'm better than the people who get good result, why should I bother? Maybe I should consider this deeper that a lot of things I need to learn about English vocabulary. As my hubby said English is not easy, to understand English we need to read and listen to a lot of English books, conversations and so on.

One thing I'd like to add in my last posting: a failure is only beginning of success. It's a lash to make us retrace what causes the failure. I've been too snob, thought that I'm better than the other people. But that my mistake and I won't do the same mistake again. 

Go to learn from your surroundings even they seem have less insight because you never know until you get something to learn about from them - I go to continue my English class, and see what I can get from it :). 

till tomorrow 


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