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Humans are born with different capabilities in physic and intellectual. These what perhaps make some people do and think better in one/some fields but bad in another field. But in a well internship we often find all these capabilities join under such as different departements, and guess what? They tend to achive a great succesfull in their company.

However, many regulations of a company/school prefer to accept only people who posses higher IQ  than EQ, while EQ is pretty effecting in a success. To know how intellect we are, a test/exam is usually given.

Ironically, people who have good EQ aren't always good at doing exam and neither do people in the opposite side. So what the image will be if these people with good EQ fail in the exam? They're not smart enough precisely. Sadly, this image still exist until today.

In fact a study discovers how a person succesful evidently rely on EQ while the person has avarage IQ. In this case, a succes doesn't necessarily to pass an exam. 

An example of this issue, and I take the story from my own experience, which is about an English test. 

I hadn't been to any English test or class in my life before until one day I must do it as it required by the college. A bad experience from English teacher in school made me afraid of going to English course, but I didn't give up to learn English as I love English so much. 

I kept learning English at home by listening English music and reading English books. One day I must do an English test as I didn't have any. The staff in a college that I went for a psychology course seemed unconvinced that I hadn't done any English test. She commented: "Your English like american native speaker, have you been to America?".

I was really suprised with her comment, so I did the exam excitedly. However, the result wasn't  like I expected which I wasn't so happy with the result. The staff college thought I wasn't in a good mood and suggested to  do it one more. However, I still got the same result in the second test. 

Fortunately, the college principal decided to pass the test as according to them the interview had proven my English ability, but they still had no idea why the result was below avarage.

Since then I took an English course that focus in English exam preparation. And still, I wasn't really happy with all the regualtions about learning English. One of I hated most was about grammar rules!

People shouldn't concern only in IQ, but also in EQ. If an exam is the only way to prove a person has a high IQ, then the world can only discover how theory can be made instead of how the theory can work and progress.

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