Is There Nothing Better Than A Private School?

Thursday, September 06, 2012 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

At 7 o'clock a.m I dropped off  my 10-year-old son into his school. This day would be his first day at his new school. The school has known as one of  good private Islamic schools in Jakarta. A greeting English message was hang in the enter gate school: "A good education for a good future". A very convincing ads for any parents who intend to 'determine' their child's future. But you know a philosophy of  "Don't judge a book by its cover"  is sometimes right that never judge everything too soon.

My son was schooled in a public school or in Sekolah Dasar Negeri in Bahasa. Although I know he's smart enough at his old school,  however, I was worrying about his test to enter the new school. First because the school has won an olympic math in Indonesia, thus I regard this is the strong for him to take a good mark on the test, meanwhile my son has won nothing from his previous school - well, he always got good ranking at his old school (and I'm proud of you son!).

The test separated into four subjects: maths, Bahasa Indonesia, Science and Aqidah. My little boy finished all the test no less than 2 hours. We got the results just an half hour after the test; and he got all the marks above rate, between 80-100 % for all the subjects: the school a bit surprised about the results.

During the first week he complained about the method of the teachers teaching in class: there was no writing activity for every subject. It was totally from his old school and according to my little boy the students in the class were obedient, specially when came to write. 

I heard very often about private schools with the spoils kids and I wonder the cost of the school is affecting the way how a teacher teaching in a class because according to my son the teachers did not deny when the pupils asked them no to continue writings as they were tired.

It's been nearly one and half month my little boy still adapt with his new school. The environment, the friends, the teacher ... I can tell you that I'm not sure about everything - unsure if my son will have a good manner (as some of his schoolmates have misbehavior and I'm worried very much that they can affect him.

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