To Grammar or Not To Grammar (2)

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These postings were actually posted in Effortless English VIP forum and the title has been changed from the original, which is the original title is Adjective, Verb, Noun, Gerunds and Infinitives. The posting raised different perspectives from many VIP members Effortless English, however, it was a very good discussion about grammar.  
As this a good discussion of to grammar not to grammar I was thinking to re-published it on my blog. Thank you for Ratu De Blog who has taken apart and giving her knowledge of these complicated grammars :). 

I continue this issue as I see many members dropping their opinions regarding whether grammar rules important or unimportant. Thank you for dropping Your inspiring thoughts guys :).

I assume some learning English methods have advantages and disadvantages. Surely, it becomes your choice to think what method the best to you.

But I'm of my opinion here, that learning grammar rules doesn't necessarily help us to improve our English. I say this because I've been in this situation. 

An example of what my English teacher always do in the class: "Please memorise all the words on the list so that you'll be able to understand how to use gerunds".

Can you imagine if those words contained of 500 words? It was hard enough when I tried to memorise 30 words what followed by gerunds and another 30 words what followed by infinitives. Will you be able to remember the day after? Well, I won't as I'm not that genius!

Additionally, he doesn't make fun during the class and it kills my mood abruptly. And that what makes me thinking: Good Lord, can he just give us a bit smile?! He definitely reminds me of the character from AJ's first lesson about Evil English Teacher

Even worst, I find most the English teachers in the college are the same!

I don't ask that english teacher has to be funny, but at least be tempting to keep their students interest with the subject.

Like when first time I heard AJ's first lesson, I was in love straight away with his voice, with the funny things he said, the story - anything AJ had, I love them all. I didn't need to read the text at all as I was too excited with the story and the voice. And I'm sure you must have the same feeling and experience as me otherwise you won't be here :).

In fact, like AJ said that most native speakers don't use these rules and he's absolutely right. I find my english teacher and other nativer speakers often confuse when I ask something about what he teaches in the class --- they always end up with: "I have no idea, Sri".

Surprisingly, while many native speakers have no clue about grammar rules, non native English teachers can explain properly how these grammar rules work.

Can you guess why? I leave this question to you.

But I'm of my opinion (again), that this might what make many non native speakers need years and years (or maybe for the rest of our life) to learn English, yet we're still not fluent.

Don't you think this because about rules and memorising?  And it what makes me (perhaps, you too?) uneasy to speak with native speakers as my 'English brain' has been set up to follow the rules!

In other words, I need to be free of any memorising grammar rules to express my words as that keeps me enjoying every sense of its story - just like what I'm doing now :).

Last but not least, I respectfull to everyone who chose their ideas of best learning english method  as well as all English teachers, native speakers and non native speakers. Let's keep your interest in learning English alive! :).

Enjoy your last weekend everyone.

till tomorrow,


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