To Grammar or Not To Grammar

Friday, September 14, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

I have difficulty to know adjective, verb and noun words. I didn't understand at all when my English teacher alluded to these three things -- in fact,  I'm already in upper intermediate level.

 I realise that this happens because  I haven't been to a proper English class  which usually focusing in grammar rules.

My English teacher was a bit suprised when he found this.  I told him that I don't usually learn about adjective, verb and noun --- I learn all vocabularies without thinking what type of words is that.

However, I know now a bit about what adjective, verb and noun means, but I still don't understand the works of these three grammar rules in writing or speaking. I have to say, it's really complicated grammar as when I write or speak, I don't usually think about grammar.

In the class when there the teacher gives a test, I could finish all the test quickly and all done correctly, sometimes I'm thinking the test is too easy for me. But when it comes about the grammar rules, I really have no idea to answer it.

For example when the teacher asked me a question: "I don't feel like to swim/swimming" --- and my answer was "I don't feel like swimming", which was right answer. But then when he asked what types of sentence was that i.e. infinitive or gerunds, I just stared at him with no answer.

Well, he explained that the sentence was type of gerunds sentence (and still, I don't give a damn what gerunds and infinitive are about!). Here is a small chat between I and my teacher in the class: 

Me: "Is anything followed by gerunds can be used in infinitives?"
Him: "No?"
Me: "Why not?"
Him: "Because that the rules" --- didn't look at me directly (he looked confused himself).

I do understand how to use adjective, verb, noun, gerunds and infintive in writing and speaking but totally confuse if somebody asks me: "Is that type of  gerunds or infinitives? as I'd asnwer "What the hell does gerunds or infinitive mean???".

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