What You Can Do When Unemployed

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Learn to lead without being possessive.
Learn to be helpful without taking the credit.
Learn to lead without coercion. ---Lao Tzu, Philosopher---

September evening in Ireland is not really great time to be spent in a cafe and neither at home. Sitting on the couch with my cute notebook as well as a cup of tea with its muffin could perhaps heal the imperfect evening. I've been recently quite sensitive with some fellow around me which is rarely happen to me. I'm not saying that I dislike these fellows, but ... let’s just not talk about it. We have something more useful to talk about anyway.

Almost every day I got emails from which most of them were unknown senders. Well, some of them are good friends of mine, telling me as to their unresolved trouble life, and recently the subject is about their frustration for being unemployed. I've been in this situation before, many many times and for quite long too. These emails suddenly brings me to my past life where I was in a fresh graduate and which afford a great of experiences ever in my life. Once that I eternally regard my life.

In 2002, I was standing beside at the entrance of the Super Queen market to volunteer in an organisation of Aware. It was my first day and first experience of fundraising.  An awkward gestured of me was easily seen by visitor and when I tried to persuasive people who walked back and forth front of me. In spite of keeping my smile as nice as possible but that still couldn't cover up the awkwardness. 

With years of working and volunteering experiences I thought that would not be a tough job to do: but I was wrong. On the second day of volunteering was slightly comfortable and braver to turn up my voice a bit higher: "Would you like to support Aware..." That was the first step. And the second step was practising the marketing lesson that I got from a marketing company in Jakarta where was my first training day taken, as follows to look at straight their eyes when you try to persuasive somebody. It worked. Some very kind people didn't want their 5 or 10 euro back; well, of course I offered them change. Also, my box was very quick to change into the new empty one which I think makes my fundraiser manager quite happy and certainly anyone who called Aware on the helpline.   

Being a volunteer is very challenging for those who are unemployed - you'd probably even think twice to do a job without paid, particularly not when they offer you months volunteer. However, being a volunteer in an organisation or a company could afford a great experience, yet a reference. In country such as Ireland, is highly recommended to colleagues who look for working experience to be volunteer first in company that suitable with their field before they enter a job. Besides, being volunteer could give a vigorous self-confidence, and belief in their ability to work professionally within its field. But most of about being volunteers is how to concern with others - very simple, eh? Which I'm sure, also often be taught since we were kids. 

I find myself embarrassed when I saw my fund raising partner was the same age as my mom - in the cold weather, wet and very windy, he stood, holding a box and encourage people to support  unlucky people in the world. What in my mind was: "What makes him decide to be a volunteer? In his 50s wouldn't be nice if just staying at home reading a book besides heating? In fact, he's not like an old man in Indonesia who merely people with a specific job can get a pension; so he's in his a good life; and likely same other older people in Europe who dislike to spend their free-time with nothing. And this merely the opposite of Indonesia, yet very unusual to be seen in Indonesia. I felt sorry for that man when I saw his weary face sitting between the flowers market, as well as proud of what he's doing. As I was enjoying while studying him - the spunk gradually affected me to be more confident and something that nothing to be embarrassed with. What I can share here with you for being volunteer is by helping other people, the affections of frustrated for being unemployed suddenly had gone: I felt like a bird flying free on the blue sky.  

Being unemployed are not the end of the world, not when you are a fresh graduate, particularly. If the man on his age pension still able to use their free-time with useful activity, then why don't we? Where the young people with great intellectuals, very energetic, and vigorous ideas have gone? Is money the merely matter in life? Many people gain a great experience of being volunteer, mainly is how to be useful, patient and be positive thinking person in every situation. 

Imagine... what your community would have become if it's surrounded by these useful, patient, and positive thinking colleagues. You'd be grateful to yourself when you find how easy to sincerely help other people in your even terrible situation. The key is sincere and a good reward will come itself. It merely like what Gurdjieff had said that: 

"If you help other, you will be helped, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps in one hundred years, but you will be helped.
Nature must pay off the debt... It is a mathematical law and all life is mathematic."

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