Why Is She So Complicated?

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I very rarely make friends with girls, don't ask me why. Since a kid I'd prefer making friends with boys rather than with girls. I had some friends who were girls when in secondary school and high school, but that was because 'I had no choice'. I'm not lesbo for sure, but I refer that being friends with boys was much easier and more enjoyable than girls, that is likely because most boys were more easy going and open, and like because less rivalry.

My evening today has been spent with a friend, talking about a person who hardly to easy going - and it's not that simply that she's not easy going woman. Also, some a group of insane women. Frankly speaking, this all about complicated women who makes friends with 'tricky' ways. I and my friend comment to their friendships as the 'evil's circle'. 

Don't ask me to explain this as it's just too detestable to read. I cannot even describe their behaviours in my psychology understanding - I must admit that it's still beyond my knowledge. I jokingly added that they're all described mental disorder symptoms.

"Women are like tricks by sleight of hand, which, to admire, we should not understand"  ~William Congreve~ Love for Love.

Even Psychologist might never discover why women are so insane, so what damn thing that makes me able to understand them.  Women seem born with very complicated cells in their brains. Do you realise why women always have a long pause when you ask what they want for their main course?

That's just an example of thousand phenomenons. Last week, I went to a college to register an online course. A half mature and depressing looking woman with a purple dress was sitting on the desk addressed me with a constrain smile. With no strings attached, I asked her about online course. Less than one minute checking her computer she told me that there is no online course for my subject. She gave me printed information course which starting next year. As I didn't want go home with empty hands, I accepted it. 

Just after back from there, I sent email to a lady in ecollege who gave me information about the course. She was interested in my news as according to her there must misinform between the two of us. I then came back again the following to ensure that I did not misinform about this. However, I got the same information from the 'purple' lady that there is no online course available for my subject. I did the same thing like the other day, sending email to let the lady in ecollege. She then contacted to college, again to ensure about the online course. Surprisingly, according to a person she called there is available online course for my subject.

I then got a contact from the college to confirm that I had told ecollege that there is online course for my subject. I confirmed her I did. Starting from here, a complicated conversation between me and the boss happened, and with no the 'purple' lady presented as my witness as she was the one who responsible for the entire complicated situation.

My point is, being feminine in performance is glam, but being feminine in mentality is madness. They should have dissociate from each others as I think feminine terms should be resolved from what they have inside and outside.

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