Argo (2012): The Movie Is Fake, The Mission Is Real

Thursday, November 15, 2012 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

The movie is based on true story.
It's not about politic or whatsoever.
It somebody's responsible to what happened with 6 American hostages in Iran.
And one family man sacrifices everything he can ....

* * *

This November is going to be my big screen-month ever as a list of good movies will be playing this month. After satisfied from watching the Skyfall, I decided to go back to Grand Cineplex to see how Ben's job at Argo.

The movie began with a history about politics in Iran from 1950 to 1979 and here was actually the main story of the movie began. The movie itself was directed by Ben Affleck who also playing as the main actor. 

A bit unusual movie from his other movies, however, it's a great enough movie. 

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